GasTerra proud to be partner in unique green hydrogen project


Hydrogreenn is underway; 80 new homes running entirely on hydrogen in municipality of Hoogeveen.

The municipality of Hoogeveen intends to build around 80 homes in the new district of Nijstad-Oost; these homes will run entirely on hydrogen. Construction work is due to start in early 2020. The municipality sees this development as a way of contributing towards the energy transition in the Netherlands; by building gas-free homes.

Pioneering role

The municipality of Hoogeveen wants to do its bit for the current energy transition and sees itself in a pioneering role. The scope of the existing housing stock is such that not only are there opportunities for promoting hydrogen technology, there will also be benefits in terms of employment retention in the region and, in addition, a project of this scope will put Hoogeveen on the international map.

Creating a blueprint for existing residential districts

The aim of this project is to generate a (techno-economic) blueprint and associated technology so that these homes will be heated 100% by hydrogen (H2) based on a hydrogen central heating boiler. This blueprint and technology must be capable of being applied to existing residential districts throughout the Netherlands. As well as reducing the use of natural gas, this will also create a market opportunity for the parties concerned. The blueprint will not only cover technological aspects, it will also incorporate the social business case, hydrogen sources and support from residents. This approach will be compared to other hydrogen-based solutions (fuel cells, local heat networks etc.), in order to gain insight into advantages and disadvantages.

Nijstad-Oost is not a standalone project; it is a demonstration project serving as a catalyst for the application of hydrogen in the built environment. The reason why we are not starting with existing buildings straight away is so that we can create, from a greenfield site, a clearly-defined and controlled environment that is comparable to existing buildings (as regards infrastructure and equipment). The controlled environment will serve as a launching pad for applying the technology to existing homes in the nearest district.

Multiannual programme

This constitutes the first step in a multiannual programme, with its own concrete objectives. Effects in the newly built homes will be followed closely but the project is also a prelude to scaling up the technology for application to the nearest existing district Erflanden (1130 homes). An issue that is even greater than new homes in the Netherlands: how do we make the existing heat supply more sustainable? That's why work will also focus on hydrogen boiler solutions for existing homes using experience gained from this project. Blending tests will then be introduced gradually for these existing homes until they are also eventually running entirely on hydrogen.

Preparations have been underway for Hydrogen District Hoogeveen since the end of 2017. Design sessions have taken place, various alternatives have been investigated and this has culminated in the submission of a project plan in 2018.
The following overview shows the final desired configuration of the multiannual plan:


(only available in Dutch)

(only available in Dutch)

Collaborative partnership

The hydrogen project is a unique collaboration between 22 organisations encompassing the whole chain, consisting of government authorities, knowledge institutions and companies. They are investing a total of 15,000 man-hours in the project. The organisations concerned are:

Stork Nederland BV, Nederlandse Gasunie NV, GasTerra BV, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij NV, Bekaert Combustion Technology BV, N-TRA BV, Physical Safety Institute (Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid (IFV)), province of Drenthe, Cogas Innovatie & Ontwikkeling BV, Nedstack BV, JP-Energiesystemen BV, Green Planet Pesse BV, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, New Energy Foundation, Visser & Smit Hanab Distributie BV,  DNV-GL Netherlands BV, Arcadis Nederland BV, BAM Infra Energie & Water BV, Liander NV, Haskoning BV, DHV Nederland BV, Enexis Netbeheer BV and the municipality of Hoogeveen.

A wonderful project where many partners come together to promote hydrogen technology expertise and developments. One year's support came from a Top Sector Energy Subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate; this relates to the Hydrogen Pilot subsidy 2018.

For more information, please contact:
Johan Boerema
Account Manager Green Gas
Tel. +31-(0)50-364 8786 of  +31 (0)6 -1100 5320.


Source: Press Release Hydrogreenn