Privacy statement

Privacy statement

GasTerra processes your personal data and this takes place with your permission or because we have a legal obligation to do so or because we (or a third party) have a legitimate interest in doing so. Our legitimate interests are described in this privacy statement. In individual cases we may be obliged to process your data because this is essential for your best interests or those of another person.

In some cases we provide your data (where necessary) to external parties. However, we will never sell your personal data to other parties. As already stated, in some cases we work with external service providers. They may use your data only to perform the services concerned. They may not use your personal data independently or pass it on to anyone else.

We will inform you, in principle, if we are processing your data, for example, by referring to this privacy statement. We make sure that your personal data is suitably protected, in line with applicable legal requirements and guidelines and we do not store personal data longer than is necessary for data processing purposes or than is required by virtue of the law.

If you would like to stay up-to-date with all our latest news, you can register for the GasTerra newsletter. We will then record your name and email address so that we can comply with your request. We keep this profile until you unsubscribe from the newsletter. You can unsubscribe any time from our newsletter by sending an email to or via the newsletter you receive.

Social media
GasTerra uses social media to keep you informed of our latest developments. You can follow us on Facebook,  LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter. GasTerra does not attach any conditions to the use of social media. You agree to the conditions of the social media platform. If you ask us a question via social media, we will keep that message and your account name so that we can respond to your message.

Visiting our website
On, GasTerra uses only functional cookies, which are necessary for the website to work properly. These ensure, for example, that you are shown the desired information quickly and correctly each time you visit our website. Permission is not required for installing functional cookies.

Camera surveillance
Our premises are equipped with cameras, which are important for your safety and the safety of our employees. The camera images are removed after four weeks, unless there are good reasons for keeping the images longer, for example a police investigation.

WiFi network
When you visit our premises you may use our WiFi free of charge. Once you have logged into our network, data is collected automatically, such as the identification number (MAC address) and name of your device. This data is removed after 8 days and is only used to prevent any possible abuse. If our WiFi network were to be used for illegal activities, we can block the device for which you used our WiFi network from accessing our network.

My GasTerra
You can access the customer portal ‘My GasTerra’ via the website. We need to collect account details from you for this purpose, which are necessary for contracting volumes, advising/checking contract signings and for implementing contracts properly. These details are kept for as long as you wish to use your account.

Counterparties' employees
So that contracts with our customers and suppliers can be implemented properly, contact details relating to counterparties are processed in various GasTerra systems. If counterparties have supplied personal data relating to their employees for this purpose, this personal data is therefore recorded in these systems. This data is necessary for a range of purposes, from maintaining relationships to sending invoices.

Questions or complaints?
You have the right to inspect your personal data and the right to request amendment to or deletion of your personal data. You can also request restriction of processing, submit a request for transfer or raise an objection to the use of your data. In the event of a data breach, GasTerra will inform you, where necessary, of the consequences and of the best way to protect yourself. We would also like to point out the option for submitting a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) about how your data has been processed.

If you would like details of your particular personal data processed by GasTerra, you make a written application for inspection. GasTerra will deal with your request within four weeks. Does your data appear to be incorrect, incomplete or not relevant? If so, you can send an additional request to have your data changed or to have missing data added. You can send a written request to


On its website, GasTerra uses functional cookies, which are necessary for the website to work properly. These ensure, for example, that the desired information is shown quickly and correctly each time you visit our website. Permission is not required for installing functional cookies.

We use an anonymised version of Google Analytics to collect statistics. These statistics do not contain any personal or demographic data. GasTerra has concluded a data processing agreement with Google. The option for sharing data with other services (including Google's own services) is disabled. This information is always transported across a secure connection. Storage of this data is Google's responsibility and takes place in the EU or US under American jurisdiction. As a rule, this storage will remain valid indefinitely.

Forms and newsletter registrations
Forms submitted through our website are stored on servers managed by GasTerra itself. These servers are located in the Netherlands and are under Dutch jurisdiction. This information is for our own purposes and is not sent outside the Netherlands (now or at any time in the future). This information is always transported across a secure connection. As a rule, this storage will remain valid indefinitely.