As a Groningen company, our sponsorship activities focus mainly on the city and the region. GasTerra sponsors various activities in the fields of society, culture, education and grassroots sport. While we would, in the past, consider big sports clubs and sports events for financial contributions, we are now increasingly providing sponsorship to relatively small local initiatives. Providing sponsorship is primarily a social function but it also helps us to draw attention to the name of our company and its business activities.

In connection with changing market conditions and the corresponding need to reduce costs, our sponsorship and donation budget has been cut back. We feel it is important to help initiatives get off the ground, after which they can continue independently or with the support of other partners. Sponsorship contracts are, in principle, for a limited term so that new parties can also be considered for funding.

We provide sponsorship to the Groninger Museum on a permanent basis, together with Gasunie, via our Stichting Fondsbeheer Culturele Relatie Evenementen (Foundation for Cultural Relations Events). The Foundation also helped to make it possible for the Museum to hold an exhibition entitled "Romanticism: from Friedrich to Turner" in 2017/2018. Successful exhibitions are important for the city, both in economic and cultural terms; for GasTerra they are a perfect opportunity to organise public relations events.

In some exceptional cases, we also support major social projects; for example, GasTerra has, since 2015, sponsored the Huis voor de Sport, an organisation that provides sports lessons for primary schools in the province of Groningen. We have also partnered up with De Brug, an institution which organises sports activities for people with mental disabilities, such as the Special Olympics Groningen.