An energetic challenge for the ‘Knights of the Future’


A hundred leading lights met last week in the Hall of Knights to discuss the solutions for CO2 reduction

On Wednesday 23 January an event called ‘Knights of the Future; the energy edition’ was held. And where's the best place for knights to meet? In the Hall of Knights, of course! A hundred leading lights from industry, academia, government and the community sat together at round tables to discuss solutions that may contribute towards the challenge of accomplishing the desired 49% CO2 reduction by 2030.


An interesting mix of stakeholders put their heads together to consider 10 propositions that had been put forward. Leaders who know that the current technology, business models, consumer behaviour and regulations will not suffice but that major investments in new technologies and innovative solutions are now desperately needed.

This extensive brainstorming session also featured a number of speakers who knew how to hit just the right note with their speeches. Jochen Wermuth declared that most solutions were already available but that the investments now needed to follow. Kees Koolen also stressed that you should have started by now or you'll miss the boat. The case of China, which is completely dominating the solar panel market, was quoted as a relevant example.

CEO of GasTerra Annie Krist and Marije Wagter (Business Analist at GasTerra) were present at the event and the question they put to the table was: ‘How can we ensure sufficient – sustainably generated – energy in periods of little wind and little sun?’ It quickly became clear that molecules, in whatever form, are an important part of the solution and that it is imperative to continue using the already existing infrastructure in the best way possible.

The brainstorming sessions at the tables aimed to clinch a deal between the participants which would then be celebrated by setting off streamer cannons. We're happy to report that a great many streamer cannons were set off. No information could yet be given about the content of the deals but it is absolutely certain that projects will start to roll out!