Premiere of animated film about our energy future

Premiere of animated film about our energy future

Morrowland (Morgenland in Dutch), a new animated film commissioned by GasTerra, depicting the way towards a climate-neutral energy future, is now available for everyone to watch and download.

The premiere took place on 12 December at EnTranCe in Groningen during a special Barn Talk. Anton Buijs, manager for External Affairs at GasTerra, explained why GasTerra of all companies enabled this film to be made. Click here for his speech.

The film

Morrowland is a short animated film (12 minutes long) that portrays our country in the midst of the energy transition. It shows the changes that we are currently experiencing and which will increasingly dominate our daily lives. Because the film is in the style of a folk story, it is suitable for all ages and educational levels. It is the story of a society that is changing and inviting you to take part.

Why do we need this film?

Climate change is our problem. It was agreed, in Paris, that we would reduce the emissions causing global warming to such an extent that temperatures would not rise by more than 2 degrees, and preferably 1.5 degrees, by 2050. Experts are calling this the greatest challenge the world has ever faced. But one thing's for sure: we'll all have to get to grips with it.

Are we aware?

We know that only half the inhabitants of the Netherlands are concerned about this situation and want to do something about it. This film wants to create awareness by telling a story that can be understood by everyone. It is not a technical or systemic account. The animation takes the form of a folk story; a situation emerging from our own culture and therefore an integral part of our lives.

How do I use this film?

Morrowland is best experienced by giving it a short introduction. The film lasts for 12 minutes and forms the basis for a guided discussion for which the material can be downloaded from a site created especially for this purpose: For further information and more detailed analysis, the Morrowland website also contains links to other websites and organisations.