"Green" showering with Vergroenjegas.nl


A unique platform has been launched on 27 June: Vergroenjegas.nl ("green your gas") – the first site where consumers themselves can buy sustainable gas. Soon it will be possible to cook, shower and heat your home with green power.

Wildrik Pepping, Business Developer at Gasunie, proudly explains 'Our platform sets our product apart from others because we make it very easy for consumers to play their part in sustainable solutions for the  Netherlands'. He created the platform together with his colleague Thomas Engberts. This is how it works: gas producers put green gas certificates on the platform. Consumers can buy the certificates which enables them to 'green' their gas. 'We found that consumers need to have that option', says Thomas. 

Clear and tangible

A site such as Vergroenjegas.nl naturally requires quite a lot of preparation. The greatest challenge for Wildrik and Thomas was to get the sustainable gas sector, which generally operates B2B, to look beyond this and towards the B2C market. 'A clear platform and a powerful short film show the sector that it doesn’t need to be difficult,' according to Thomas. 'In the end that was enough to convince companies.' Wildrik and Thomas have also spent a lot of time talking to consumers. 'We drew up a list of requirements and investigated how we could make our product clear and tangible', clarifies Wildrik. 'We ended up with easy-to-understand products: cooking, showering and heating with green power.' 'It's also nice that you can give our products as a present', adds Thomas. 'And you can choose your own producer. For example, if you come from Groningen, you can choose the Groningen producer around the corner from where you live.'    


To develop the platform, Thomas and Wildrik needed sponsors; Gasunie, their employer, and GasTerra were among these sponsors. And they provided even more than that. 'We were able to use their knowledge and expertise to set up this site', acknowledge Thomas and Wildrik. The platform doesn’t need to make money. 'Ultimately we want to break even', according to Thomas. Which doesn’t mean that they're not ambitious. Wildrik: 'We're genuinely striving to play a connecting role in the Netherlands. Our perfect scenario is where the majority of Dutch green gas producers are on the platform and consumers who want sustainable gas actually know where to find the platform.'