If you're looking to set up a supply profile, then at GasTerra it's possible to opt for a flexible procurement profile. You can shape your gas requirement profile to meet your particular needs on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. The fee that GasTerra charges for this form of flex-service is dependent on your procurement profile combined with the price index selected.

If you want greater certainty about your GasTerra service costs regardless of volumes procured, then a fixed total service charge may be a better option for you. Alternatively, you can link service costs to the volume of gas that you actually procure.

Programme responsibility

Every user on the Dutch gas network is responsible for balancing its own gas flows. In broad terms, this entails that at any given instant gas should be added (entry) and removed (exit) from the system in equal volumes – within a certain bandwidth. This obligation is referred to as programme responsibility. We'll gladly take on this responsibility on your behalf. We'll arrange your balancing for you and set up an entry and exit programme with GTS.


As a gas supplier, GasTerra contracts its transmission services via GTS. GasTerra thereby adopts the GTS entry-exit system. Exit fees, connection fees and excess exit capacity fees are set by the national transmission system operator at each exit point. GasTerra charges its customers these fees on a one-on-one basis.

Efficiency and sustainability projects

If you're looking to cut energy costs, to reduce emission levels or to make your production processes more sustainable in some other way, then we believe it's our corporate social responsibility to help you do so.

With our Environmental Plan for Industry (EPI), we aim to help industrial customers solve energy-related issues free of charge with customised service packages. You may already be familiar with the EPI as an energy efficiency analysis aimed at cutting costs and increasing margins for your company. However, we can do a lot more for you and your organisation.

For example, if you're curious about how your organisation compares to others, then we can benchmark your performance against various reference organisations within the energy sector. This rates your performance and helps identify areas for improvement. We'll also gladly assist you with your CSR reporting, advise you about legislation and related regulations, or help you develop long-term scenarios for emission level reduction.

If we've sparked any interest for our EPI, then please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.