Green gas

If you're looking to operate more sustainably, then green gas is potentially the solution you're looking for. Green gas (biogas with the same grade and combustion properties as natural gas) is being developed at a rapid rate.

Green gas is a critical link in the chain between the Netherlands' unique fine-meshed natural gas network and a future that's more heavily reliant on renewable energy sources.

The gradual introduction of green gas makes it possible to make a portion of your gas supply more sustainable and to buffer renewable energy sources within the existing gas network. Green gas therefore plays an important role in the energy transition process. GasTerra also plays an important role in this respect by procuring and selling green gas.

If you're looking for customers for your green gas, or you'd like to make your production processes more sustainable, then please contact us. Given the scale of our portfolio, we're in a position to match supply and demand for green gas. If you'd like more information about green gas and its potential, then please contact our customer desk.