ACQ (Annual Contract Quantity)

At GasTerra, it's possible to opt for exclusive or non-exclusive supply. If you opt to source your gas from multiple suppliers (non-exclusive), then GasTerra can act as a balanced supplier on your behalf.

You only have to nominate to GasTerra the volume of gas supplied by the third party. You state what your annual contract quantity (ACQ) when entering into the contract. The basis for this agreement is that you actually procure a minimum of 85% and a maximum of 115% of this contracted volume from GasTerra. We offer the option to enter into contracts with terms of between one and three years. A contract year does not necessarily have start and end on 01 January and 31 December respectively.

If you'd like more information about GasTerra's ACQ contract, then please contact our customer desk.
Customized solutions are always possible at GasTerra.