Conversion options


We offer an option that allows you to convert all or a portion of your gas price to an alternative form of indexing. Consequently, it's possible to opt for a fixed price based on a quote issued by either GasTerra or ICE Endex.

It's also possible to convert gas prices to oil index-linked prices - diesel/fuel oil or crude oil (Brent). If you've opted for a fixed price for some or all of your contracted volume, then it's also possible to unwind (reconvert) this to a TTF-indexed gas price. It's irrelevant whether you opt for an OTC quote from GasTerra or an ICE Endex quote. This option provides you the certainty of a fixed price in conjunction with the flexibility to respond to anticipated price drops.

You can also opt to convert your price via a bank (hedging). If you then opt to unwind this hedge, then this can be facilitated via a bank. This makes it possible for you to capitalise on market price fluctuations by means of hedging.