Pricing concepts

TTF indexing + fixed pricing

If you contract your gas supply from GasTerra at a TTF-indexed price, then the price you pay tracks the TTF gas price. You can select indexing based on day-ahead or month-ahead price quotes. Your gas price is set on a daily or monthly basis depending on gas market developments. Prices on the Dutch TTF trading point are set based on gas supply and demand. The price varies in response to market conditions, seasonal influences and other factors.

If you're looking for greater certainty regarding your gas prices or you anticipate price rises, then it's possible to convert your TTF-indexed volume (or a portion of this volume) to an alternative pricing concept. You can opt for either a fixed price or an oil index-linked gas price.

Fixed price

If you prefer greater gas price certainty, then you can contract your volume from GasTerra at a pre-defined fixed price. You'll not be faced with any unpleasant surprises for the term of your contract, as prices remain independent of market developments.

It's possible to set a fixed price every day for a maximum of three calendar years ahead. It's possible to opt for a fixed price based on an over-the-counter (OTC) quote issued daily by GasTerra. We also offer an option to enter into a contract at a fixed price based on ICE Endex quotes.

Oil index-linked gas price

If you want to track oil market developments to set your gas price, then GasTerra can also provide oil index-linked gas prices. It's possible to index-link prices to diesel/fuel oil or crude oil (Brent). Throughout the term of your contract, your gas price is set on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on oil price developments.

If you think this is too risky, then it's also possible to opt for a fixed price or a price index-linked to gas prices quoted on the Dutch TTF trading point.