Structured products

On the Dutch market, GasTerra offers products that are tailored to the ultimate need of energy companies. This adds flexibility and/or profiling to the gas supply.

Various structured products can be contracted as part of one framework agreement. By contracting various products, energy companies can build up a flexible and tailored purchasing portfolio. It is possible to choose which GasTerra services are purchased, and which are purchased elsewhere. These structured products can be contracted on the basis of an agreement under our general terms and conditions or under the EFET conditions. Depending on the requirements, GasTerra can deliver the various products on the TTF, TTF-B or at the connection.

When delivery on the TTF-B or at the connection is selected, more or less energy can be purchased than previously contracted, for example if end users consume more or less energy than expected. GasTerra will settle the over- or under-run on a daily basis at the day-ahead rate.