Programme responsibility

Each user of the Dutch gas network is responsible for balancing their own gas flows. In broad terms, this means that the entry and exit of gas into and from the system within certain bandwidths has to remain the same at any time. This obligation is called program responsibility. This obligation can be transferred to GasTerra. We will then take care of balancing and will submit an entry and exit program to GTS for you.


A a gas supplier, GasTerra has contracted transport services with GTS, based on the entry-exit system applied by GTS. The exit fee, connection fee and the rates for exit capacity overruns per exit point are established by the national system operator. GasTerra passes these rates on to the customer one-on-one.

My GasTerra customer portal

If you are a customer with us, My GasTerra gives you access to your GasTerra purchasing portfolio any time and anywhere. This personal website also enables you to contract a part of your products and related pricing concepts.