Screen-trading products

Screen-trading products comprise all products with a flat delivery profile which can be contracted through screen trade and that are delivered on a virtual Marketplace.

This screen trade takes place through brokers (OTC deals) or market platforms such as ICE-Endex.

On the screens, we trade in various products, both on the prompt (delivery within the month) as well as on the curve (delivery a month and further ahead). This varies from within-day products to calendar-year products for years to come.

With this variety of screen products, GasTerra is active on various virtual marketplaces in Europe. In addition to the Dutch TTF, we have been active on the British NBP for a long time, and we have now been on the Belgian Zeebrugge hub and the German marketplaces NCG and Gaspool for a while.

If you want to trade gas with GasTerra on one of these marketplaces, an EFET contract is required. EFET (European Federation of Energy Traders) is a platform for the joint European energy traders that facilitates trade conditions between parties in the European energy market, to achieve standardised and transparent trade conditions for the whole of Europe.

If you have questions about the gas supply of screen products and entering into an agreement under the EFET conditions, contact our Customer Desk.