What's better than Groningen?


Nothing of course! The Netherlands has been using the slogan 'Nothing beats Groningen' (‘Er gaat niets boven Groningen’) for almost 30 years already (since 1989). This promotional campaign, acclaimed in 2008 with a Bronze Effie for the most effective advertising campaign of the year, has been given a new boost since 13 April this year.

As a genuine Groningen company, it is GasTerra's privilege to publicise these wonderful initiatives inviting you to visit Groningen. Groningen is not only a marvellous, vibrant university city, great for a weekend break; it is also an entire province offering plenty of things to do. This summer, for example, the city will be bustling again with the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, full-blooded theatre. The Groninger Museum is showing the exhibition Rich in Groningen: Borgs and City Palaces 1600-1800 ('Rijk in Groningen  Borgen en Stadspaleizen 1600-1800') until late autumn; combining this with trips to the borgs, or country houses, in the province would be a marvellous experience. And let yourself be cheered by the Groningers' warm hospitality at the many traditional Christmas markets during the winter months.

The creators want to send visitors on a journey of discovery through 'our' beautiful province. The Wadden Region, Lauwersmeer National Park and the Groninger Museum are among the subjects covered by the first video for this long-running campaign. The activities mentioned include walking on the bottom of the sea, spending a night in the darkest spot with the brightest starry night sky and a cycle tour through history.

Tourist activities in Groningen are organised by the Province of Groningen in cooperation with Recron, Hiswa, The Royal Dutch Association for the Restaurant, Hotel and Catering Industry, Routebureau Groningen and Marketing Groningen.