Cogen Symposium: Energy Light


On Friday November 27, Robert van Rede, commercial director at GasTerra, gave a presentation at the annual symposium of Cogen, the trade association for CHP companies in The Netherlands. This year’s theme of the symposium was the future supply of energy.

Important issues that were discussed were more decentralisation, innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the transition towards a sustainable energy supply.

In his presentation, Robert van Rede stressed the importance of gas as the cleanest fossil fuel to bridge the period to a fully sustainable energy sector. Unfortunately, the transition to sustainability is progressing slowly. In Europe, the Netherlands are at the bottom of the list when it comes to the percentage of renewable energy in relation to the total.

GasTerra actively promotes the production of green gas by offering producers guaranteed sales. Attention was also paid to EnTranCe and GasTerra’s sustainable activities on Ameland. In response to a question from the room, Robert van Rede indicated that GasTerra is putting a lot of effort in the effective and efficient use of natural gas, for instance through the application of the MPI (Environmental Plan for Industry) in large manufacturing companies.



Robert van Rede, Commercial Director GasTerra
Robert van Rede, Commercial Director GasTerra