Rest NRG wins GasTerra Energy Prize during Sustainable Tuesday


Yesterday was the culmination of Sustainable Tuesday; an initiative which aims to link up the public and politics in the political arena of The Hague.  GasTerra is one of the main sponsors of this event. Over the last few months, the jury received no less than 334 ideas for saving energy, or changing the way we behave or generating more sustainable energy. The jury nominated ten ideas which had a chance of winning one of the three prizes.  In addition to the announcement, a mini-symposium also took place and Marjan Minnesma gave the ‘Sustainable Queen’s Speech’.

Lisanne Addink invented the ‘Foodiebag’: a doggy bag with which restaurant customers can take home leftover food easily.  She won the Sustainable Tuesday Prize with this idea.  Joop de Kock won the GasTerra Energy Prize with ‘Rest NRG’. This is a new technological device that can utilise a lot of residual heat by converting it into usable electricity. Finally, Mieke Snoek de Lidl landed the food prize with ‘Good fish on your plate’, a scheme to guarantee that fish are caught locally and in a respectful manner.  Secretary of State Wilma Mansveld received the Sustainable Tuesday briefcase, which contained all the proposals, on behalf of the cabinet. “It begins with you and me. The government, the public and the business community must work together to facilitate green growth,” said Mansveld.

A mini-symposium ’15 years of sustainable innovation from the public’ held a discussion of the most noteworthy initiatives submitted for Sustainable Tuesday during the last 15 years.  There was also scope to enter into a dialogue with a number of visionaries, members of the Dutch Lower Chamber and the audience (members of public) about current developments. Those present agreed that innovation without making mistakes is not possible and the government, the business world and the public must simply set a point to aim for. Marjan Minnesma, Director of Urgenda, gave the ‘Sustainable Queen’s Speech’ in which she emphasised that we need more leadership, large groups are ready to act but we need to scale up our activities in order to make a genuinely sustainable energy supply possible.  Finally, Minister Plasterk presented ‘Sustainable Services Medals’ to citizens who had made particular efforts towards promoting sustainable practices in the Netherlands.

Click here to download the press release about Sustainable Tuesday (Dutch only).

Secretary of State Wilma Mansveld received the Sustainable Tuesday briefcase
Secretary of State Wilma Mansveld received the Sustainable Tuesday briefcase