New organisational structure for GasTerra 2018


In 2014, GasTerra started a reorganisation program: GasTerra 2018. The main purpose is to enable the organisation – also in the face of changing market conditions – to continue to maximise the value of Dutch natural gas. This project includes a variety of themes, including strategy, efficiency, organisation and personnel. In the next few years, various changes will be implemented to eventually meet this objective.

The first phase of the project, which was concluded with a positive recommendation by the works council, is now complete. The implementation started with a ‘tilt’ towards a new organisational structure. From now, the management team will consist of CEO Gertjan Lankhorst, Robert van Rede, Maurice de Wilde and Anton Broenink. This is a change from the old organisational structure, in which the managers of the JS, CP, and PO departments also had a seat in the executive management team. In addition, the number of sales teams has been reduced from three to one, and there is only one back office where before there were three.