Measurements provide the answer in the HEAT House


GasTerra CEO Annie Krist handed over the key to the HEAT House to Henk Pijlman the President and Chairman of the Executive Board, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen. The purpose of the HEAT House is to measure the performance of equipment used to heat homes.

HEAT House stands for Heating Equipment & Appliance Testing House. The HEAT House is divided into two areas; one simulates the interior of a house, the other the outside. Temperatures can be fully controlled in both areas, meaning that testers can try out different heating systems under equivalent conditions. The interior area has a modular layout so that different construction formats can be tested. This testing space is unique in the Netherlands due to its format and modular design.

Measure first, then improve sustainability
The HEAT House supplies answers to questions such as: how quickly does a boiler heat up a living room and which radiators are most suitable for that? What are the energy flows involved and how efficient are they? Which is the best insulation? What is the real effect of heat pumps and at what outside temperatures? It is possible to make a direct comparison between the performances of central heating boilers, all-electric heat pumps and hybrid systems. You can test all this and more in the Heat House, bearing in mind that the more we know about energy systems and energy savings, the better equipped we are to make future houses more sustainable. 

Henk Pijlman en Annie Krist
Henk Pijlman en Annie Krist

Transfer to Hanze University of Applied Sciences
The HEAT House was commissioned by GasTerra to be built on the EnTranCe site in Groningen. On 31 May, Annie Krist, CEO of GasTerra, transferred the HEAT House to the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. She did so by handing over the key to the President and Chairman of the Executive Board, Henk Pijlman. The Hanze University of Applied Sciences and GasTerra still have many interesting plans in mind for the HEAT House. They are intending to extend testing facilities further to include, for example, an option to test façade compositions. And HEAT House developments will certainly not stop there!