Teaching material and 21,500 atlases for schools


All secondary schools in the Netherlands received a set of 15 free copies of Bosatlas (Energy Version) before the beginning of the new school year. Based on historical sources, current data and future energy scenarios, this Bosatlas brings together the past, present and future of energy in the Netherlands. With hundreds of maps and wonderful aerial photos, the atlas clearly shows that energy was, is and will continue to be a crucial foundation underpinning Dutch society.

Publishers Noordhoff introduced the teaching material accompanying the atlas during the Royal Dutch Geographical Society’s annual education day on 1 November. A large group of sponsors from government and commercial institutions helped to circulate both the atlas and the teaching material.

Bosatlas (Energy Version) tasks

Energy is an important topic within the geography curriculum. Providing the Bosatlas (Energy Version) has made a valuable source of information available to teachers and students. Professor of Educational Geography Joop van der Schee at the VU University of Amsterdam and geographer Henk Trimp developed two teaching packages to familiarise lower-year and upper-year students with the atlas and the world of energy.


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