Green gas: a promising route towards a reliable, sustainable energy supply


Mayor of Leeuwarden receives the first copy of a detailed book about the role of green gas in the Netherlands from gas trading company GasTerra

On Thursday 12 September, the first copy of the book ‘Green Gas – the role of green gas in the Dutch energy supply’ will be presented by GasTerra’s CEO Gertjan Lankhorst to Ferd Crone, mayor of Leeuwarden, at the restaurant ‘De Koperen Tuin’. This will take place during the fifth anniversary of the Green Gas Barbecue, an annual networking opportunity for the green gas market, organised by the Energy Valley Foundation and Groen Gas Nederland. The 160-page book forms part of the book series ‘The world of natural gas’, whose central theme is the importance and application of natural gas and the future of our energy supply.  The books can be requested free of charge or downloaded via

In the Netherlands we have already gained a lot of practical experience in biomass fermentation and the deployment of green gas. This experience is important for making the right choices when it comes to introducing new gases into our intricate Dutch natural gas network.  Biogas can, even more than is currently the case, become an essential component of the waste processing chain.  The method for converting biomass into green gas can bring about substantial ‘greening’ of the gas supply.  Together with the use of innovative techniques, such as combined heat-and-power systems and gas-fired heat pumps, such combinations are doubly beneficial with regard to sustainability. 

Nederland is pre-eminently a natural gas country and has accumulated vast knowledge about this relatively clean and flexible energy source over a period of 50 years. Over the last few years, the transition towards an energy supply that is as sustainable, reliable and affordable as possible has become an important focal point for the government and the energy world.  This has led us to look at new, efficient energy technologies and the use of clean, sustainable energy sources.  With that as our perspective and from the point of view that, as a transitional fuel, (natural) gas constitutes the pillar for sustainable energy management, GasTerra is contributing towards green gas development. 

About GasTerra
GasTerra B.V. is a gas trading company which operates at international level.  The company is active on the European energy market and has a significant share in the Dutch energy supply.  The company also offers services related to gas trading.  The company has a strong purchasing position and 50 years’ experience of buying and selling natural gas.

About Energy Valley Foundation
Energy Valley Foundation has been in existence since 2003 and is a network organisation of public and private partners putting regional energy sector ‘green options’ into effect.  The foundation acts as an intermediary for accelerating projects, promoting knowledge exchange and strengthening the northern energy region.  The foundation consists of a team of energy professionals who, in coordination with the Supervisory Board and the authorities involved, supports energy project initiators. The emphasis is on energy innovations that tie in directly with national and international energy ambitions and regional strengths. Energy Valley is financed on a project by project basis by the Joint Venture Noord-Nederland, the European Union, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, regional authorities, the business community and knowledge institutes.  The current project period runs to 2015.

About Groen Gas Nederland
Groen Gas Nederland (GGNL) is an independent national foundation which is dedicated to accelerating green gas market developments and increasing green gas production. To this end, Groen Gas Nederland works with many different partners; farmers, the waste sector, the food, beverage and tobacco industry, the agricultural sector, energy companies, network operators, project developers, banks and governments.
Working in harmony with the government and the authorities concerned, Groen Gas Nederland is involved in a number of specific key objectives and supports initiators (and potential initiators) in the realisation of their biogas and/or green gas projects.  To this end, GGNL gathers, collects and develops information relating to green gas and biogas and makes this available to the market.

For more information about the book, please contact GasTerra, Gerard Martinus,, tel. 06-83524328.
More details about the Groen Gas barbecue can be found on the Energy Valley Foundation website, or the Groen Gas Nederland website, You can register via