Getting kids in Groningen moving


Schools stimulate children to get into sports

Getting and keeping people in Groningen moving – that is the goal of the Huis voor de Sport Groningen. GasTerra has been a partner of the organisation since 2015. The partnership is all about promoting the Sportieve Gezonde School (A Sporty and Healthy School) project. “We support the ambition to make sure our kids exercise more and stay healthy," says GasTerra's communications advisor Imelda Weel. The results have been positive. 

The Sportieve Actieve School project encourages primary schools to take on a specialist teacher for physical education lessons. For a period of 16 weeks, the kids are taught by real sports instructors. Nowadays, the lessons are often taught by the class teacher. Imelda: “These teachers have the qualifications to give gym classes, and are very able, but specialist teachers can offer much more. They can offer a more varied programme and really get the children enthusiastic about sports. They can also show the rest of the teaching staff new ideas and angles for gym classes, so that, after the 16 weeks, they can take over with renewed vigour.”

Discover talent

In addition to gym classes, the children are exposed to extra sports activities during and after school. One example is Pleinspelen, where children are offered fun sports activities during recess or the lunch break. “Children discover what their talents are and what sport they like.”


Various schools in the province of Groningen have already joined the project. The results have been positive. “The schools recognise that exercise is good for the development of the children, and that it lays a good foundation for a healthy childhood. And that is what they want to encourage. They continue with the outdoor activities and a few schools are now considering hiring a sports instructor for their sports lessons and activities. Huis voor de Sport and GasTerra are planning to roll out the project to secondary vocational schools. “This is why GasTerra will continue sponsoring the project in 2017.”