Sustainable Tuesday nominees announced!


On Tuesday 3 September, IVN Nederland is organising Sustainable Tuesday for the 15th time. This year, Secretary of State Wilma Mansveld (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) will receive the Sustainable Tuesday briefcase on behalf of the cabinet.  The briefcase contains more than 350 ideas on sustainable initiatives from the public.  The Sustainable Tuesday jury will award prizes for the most innovative proposals. In addition, Minister Ronald Plasterk (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) will be presenting a number of individuals who have made outstanding efforts towards a sustainable society with a ‘Sustainable Services Medal’.

The following 10 promising ideas have been nominated:
Klimaatplein – Rob van der Rijt – Den Bosch
A B-to-B platform where business owners find tips and partners in order to save energy costs or in order to generate sustainable energy themselves.  A free CO2 footprint calculator and a step-by-step plan help to make the savings tangible.
Foodiebag – Lisanne Addink - Zeist
A new type of 'doggy bag'. The Foodiebag spoon-clip gives a sign to waiters in restaurants that those particular customers want to take leftover food home with them.
Moes-Verkeer – Jasmijn van Es - Utrecht
Moes-Verkeer works with cities to create vegetable gardens for cities.  Working with other people to plant a city vegetable garden encourages awareness about sustainability and cooperation as well as supplying food.  Wasteland, roofs, neighbourhood gardens and balconies become green spaces.
Rest NRG – Joop de Kock - Leidschendam
Technological device for utilising residual heat. Using this device, it is simple to convert this into usable electricity.
Rydon Pixio – Hugo van de Watering – The Hague
A sustainable solution for reducing the amount of discarded bicycle lights.  The light has an integrated solar panel which charges up its own batteries.
Flessenpletter (bottle crusher) – Thijs Feenstra - Groningen
An innovative device which reduces the volume taken up by plastic waste.  The Flessenpletter (bottle crusher) makes quick work of flattening bottles.
Qlipr gewasklemsysteem (Qlipr hanging system) – Cor Pellikaan - Elsendorp
A new cultivation method has been introduced with the Qlipr hanging system, which does not use synthetic cord or clips.  The Qlipr is used again after each harvest.
Sustainability and technology in education – Stefan Romijn - Rotterdam
An approach involving students being brought into contact with local engineering companies. Companies are given assistance on how to operate sustainably and students become enthusiastic about technology and sustainability.
iKringloop app – Thomas Adelaar - Amsterdam
With the free IKringloop app, everyone in the Netherlands can exchange their unwanted items with people in the neighbourhood, recycling shops or collectors.
Goede vis op het bord (Good fish on your plate) – Mieke Snoek – Amsterdam
Good fishermen fish with respect for the sea.  They use bigger nets, concentrate on healthy fish stocks, less popular types and have less by-catches.  These ‘good fish’ can be obtained from the fishermen themselves, at organic agricultural markets and in various restaurants.

As this is the 15th anniversary of this event, there will be a mini symposium ’15 years of sustainable innovation from the public’. This will discuss the most noteworthy results of the last 15 years and a number of visionaries, members of the Dutch Lower Chamber and the audience (members of public) will hold a dialogue about current developments regarding the future of sustainable social initiatives.  GasTerra is one of the sponsors of Sustainable Tuesday and will award again, this year, the GasTerra energy prize for the best sustainable energy-related initiative. Look at the website of Duurzame Dinsdag for more information.