Smart reduction in gas consumption


In the transition to more sustainable energy sources, the need for natural gas is declining. However, we can't do without it yet, says Hans Overdiep, Energy Transition manager at GasTerra.

In this month’s Elsevier magazine, a contribution by Energy Transition manager Hans Overdiep: "We are very interested in contributing to a smart and sensible transition to alternative energy sources, together with other stakeholders. It is quite difficult, because sometimes we deal with conflicting interests, but I expect that we will be able to sort out our differences. It is matter of give and take. Ultimately, we all want an affordable, reliable and especially cleaner energy supply.”

He expects that most homes will be able to do without natural gas somewhere around the middle of this century. In new housing developments, ‘all-electric’ is already sufficient, thanks to better insulation and the use of heat pumps. In existing houses, it is not wise to simply turn off the gas supply overnight, says Overdiep. Read the article here in Elsevier. 


Source: Elsevier (no. 38 - September 24, 2016)