GasTerra supports School of Hard Knocks (De Harde Leerschool)


Through rugby training, young adults are being prepared for work or education 

GasTerra is the founding spirit and sponsor of the first version of De Harde Leerschool (School of Hard Knocks) in the province of Groningen, which uses rugby to prepare participants for work or education. In addition to rugby training sessions, participants receive daily lessons in understanding the world, resilience and social skills, topped up with mental coaching.

The ultimate aim is to get participants into work. The school is set up to help underprivileged young adults who find it hard to get work: young men who seize the opportunity to take a different approach to dealing with authority, long-term unemployment and crime.

The programme lasts eight weeks. De high points are a camp with the army at Havelte, a visit from a prominent Dutch person, a practice match against Nijenrode students and a final match against Groningen Rugby Club. And of course the employers’ day where they are able to introduce themselves to employers who have promised to give these young people a real chance.

To find out more about De Harde Leerschool (only in Dutch), go to: