GasTerra on TV programme 'Klus je Rijk'


Three families take on the challenge of making their homes as energy-efficient as possible on the TV programme 'Klus je Rijk'. Viewers can follow their progress in the eight-part series, which will be broadcast on RTL4 from Saturday 5 January at 16.30. There will also be short reports on various energy-saving developments, products and services during each episode. GasTerra has assisted with two of the reports: on the electricity-generating condensing boiler and the fuel cell.

Each family gets a visit from an energy consultant who assesses the energy-saving possibilities of each home with the owners.The renovation and installation work then follows. Technical, financial and personal aspects will be among the issues discussed. Interspersed between the sections with the families are reports on energy-saving developments, products and services.

Saving energy

GasTerra is publicised as one of the sponsors in all episodes of the programme. The company also assists with two of the reports.One piece concerns the electricity-generating condensing boiler that is brought to the attention of Remeha, a manufacturer in Apeldoorn. The second piece demonstrates a fuel cell that provides hot water and electricity. The fuel cell uses natural gas and produced enough electricity to make it ideal for recharging an electric car.

Second series

RTL4 broadcasts the second series of the programme at 16.30 on eight Saturdays from 5 January. The repeats are at 12.20 on Sundays (from 6 January). The piece on the electricity-generating condensing boiler will be in episode 6 on 9 February and the fuel cell in episode 5 on 2 February.