GasTerra buys Green Gas from Ecoson

Green gas installation
Green gas installation

Ecoson and GasTerra have closed a green gas agreement for 2015 and 2016. The green gas production comprises a volume of 7 million m3 per year, which can provide gas to approximately 4,900 households. Certificates are issued for the production of green gas, to guarantee the green character of the gas.

Ecoson is located in Son and specializes in the production of renewable energy and biofuels made ​​from natural byproducts. The company is part of Darling Ingredients. This organization develops, manufactures and sells ingredients from animal materials for a wide range of applications. Ecosom ferments animal and organic material that is not suitable for human consumption into biogas. This biogas is then converted into green electricity and green gas, enough for 11,000 and 3,200 households, respectively.

Ecoson also produces another 2.5 million Nm3/year green gas from pig manure. Ecoson has 70 farmers under contract for the supply of around 100,000 tons of fresh pig slurry per year. These farmers are now guaranteed a fixed manure removal and make use of this structural solution for the marketing of phosphate. Besides this green gas, enough to supply gas to 1,700 households, the digestate is converted into biophosphate granules in a new factory. This way, Ecoson is part of a solution for the manure surplus problem in the Netherlands.