‘Gasolution’: insight into the gas sector


Time is running out: companies in the gas sector are losing valuable expertise due to large numbers of experienced employees deciding to work elsewhere. In addition to this, there are fewer new employees because many young people have negative perceptions of working in the gas sector. In order to change this, the Royal Dutch Gas Association in the Netherlands (KVGN) has launched a gas game: ‘Gasolution’.

This game makes it easy to see that the gas network is a complex system that is constantly renewing itself. It is precisely that aspect, innovation, which makes working in this sector interesting and challenging. Gas is also an important energy source, for now and for the future; this means an abundance of career opportunities.

Gas is self-explanatory

The negative perceptions of school leavers and young professionals are fuelled by preconceptions: “Gas is outdated: it’s a fossil fuel, the name says it all!” “Gas has no future: it’s running out and new energy sources are available”;  Gas is not sexy: “my mother uses it for cooking, duh!” “Gas is self-explanatory: it works, where’s the challenge for technical staff?”

Working in the gas sector is challenging

There are more than enough challenges. Therefore, Gasolution’s main aim is to enhance the image and perception of the gas sector among young (16-25 year old) professionals and school leavers with technical backgrounds, educated to secondary vocational training level (MBO4+) and higher professional education level (HBO).


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