Flip van Koten is GasTerra's new CFO


GasTerra has appointed Flip van Koten as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He takes over this position from Maurice de Wilde, who left the company on 1 October.

Econometrist Flip van Koten has been Chief Operational Officer at GasTerra since early 2016.  He worked for ExxonMobil, holding various commercial and financial posts at home and abroad, from 1994 until he joined GasTerra. In addition to his responsibilities as CFO, Mr Van Koten will retain part of his current portfolio. Chief Commercial Officer Robert van Rede will take over the remainder of his portfolio.

CEO Annie Krist welcomed the way in which Mr De Wilde's departure was received. ‘As we have been able to combine the need for appointing a new CFO with internal restructuring measures, we have not only filled one of our key positions once again with an experienced and competent director, we have also, at the same time, achieved a previously proposed reduction in the board within the context of the ongoing reorganisation process.’