First ‘Sustainable Energy’ trainee at GasTerra


Groningen, 3 December 2013 – Ambitious alumni who want a career in renewable energy are being offered a new opportunity for enhancing their professional status: the Hanze Sustainable Energy Traineeship. As an energy professional who is just starting out, the trainee is given a temporary appointment, with pay, at an (energy) company and will then start studying for the master's degree ‘European Master of Science in Renewable Energy’. The first trainee has started at GasTerra.

From left to right Jan Jaap Aué (Hanze University of Applied Sciences), Toine Bartelet, Gertjan Lankhorst (CEO GasTerra) and Bart Westmaas (Manager P&O GasTerra)

Toine Bartelet is the first Sustainable Energy trainee, working for GasTerra. He is currently working on a project about biogas (together with ECN), involving research into flexibility trends on the gas market after 2020 and what this will mean for a possible launch of biogas production. Bartelet: “The traineeship is a perfect opportunity to gain both scientific knowledge and work experience. And it’s fantastic preparation for taking a master's degree.’’

A bachelor’s degree (engineering background) is required from a graduate of a university of applied sciences (HBO) or a graduate of a research university (WO). A selection procedure will test whether candidates are suitable to be trainees. The Hanze Traineeship consists of two phases:

• The pre-master phase, with three days a week at work and two days following an individual path;
• European Master in Renewable Energy, a course covering a maximum of eighteen months finished off with a working period of six months.

More information about the traineeship can be found at