An encouraging chat in the pub


Three friends were sitting together in the pub: a hybrid heat pump (Hywa), a heat network (Wanet) and an all-electric residential district (Alec). They wanted to get to know each other a bit better whilst enjoying a drink; they were curious about each other. They had heard a lot about each other; people talked about them in the newspapers and on TV - even the Lower House of Parliament discussed Hywa, Wanet and Alec regularly. High time for a proper conversation.

"What would you say were your best features?", Hywa asked Wanet. "Well", said Wanet, "it's true that I'm ridiculously expensive but I'm also on track of becoming sustainable. I'm also a friendly chap: once I'm in your house I'd like to stick around for a while."  "Oh, I see", said Hywa, "that sounds good, you must be very popular." "I can't complain." said Wanet. 

"And you, Alec, what are your good points?" Hywa asked Alec. "I'm a bit like Wanet by the sound of it. And I'm also rather expensive, certainly if you want to have me around in the winter, but I can also be very long-lasting. If you have me for a visit you won't hear anything or smell anything. The problem is that if I'm not feeling well, I really can't help you; you'll have to manage on your own."

"And you, Hywa, what have you got to offer?", asked Wanet. "Oh, goodness", said Hywa modestly, "I know my place and see that you two have a very important part to play but I can also see your good points in myself; as a combined solution and without costing too much.  You can use me effectively for the time being in places where you two are still too expensive or where accommodating you would cause a lot of disruption. And what's even more convenient: I can also support you and make you greener and more sustainable."

Wanet and Alec were surprised and impressed by Hywa. They had another drink and chatted a bit more about whether they could work together, about how they kept fit and healthy, about their income and outgoings and their contribution towards a sustainable future.

Finally, all three of them decided that they liked each other, that they all had a few good features but that each of them needed to find a place where they could thrive. So they agreed to help each other where they could from now on, give each other space where necessary and certainly, every now and then, to catch up in the pub.

Author: Jan Hendrik Annema, Manager Green Gas at GasTerra