Ed Nijpels takes advice from young energy professionals


Participants in the Energy Podium Masterclasses write their own energy agreement

Over the past few weeks 60 young energy professionals have been working on advice for the people taking part in the negotiations on the second Energy Agreement. GasTerra made this possible by means of a series of four Energy Podium Masterclasses, attended by Tjitske Brand, Gerard Martinus, Karel van der Lingen and Michel Dubbelboer among others.

The advice provided by the young professionals included recommendations for the energy world of 2030. They are the future leaders of the organisations that signed up to the first Energy Agreement.

Ed Nijpels, the chairman of the Assurance Committee, took delivery of the recommendations at the final session on 25 October and said that he would share them with the negotiators. “There are certainly 20 ideas here that we can accept as they stand.” It was decided that the group would meet again in the first quarter of 2018 at the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands to discuss the issues further.

During the final session, GasTerra CEO Annie Krist talked about her own experiences as a young employee in the energy sector. “I still remember one conference where we wore t-shirts with the slogan ‘après nous le soleil’ [after us the sun].”

Click here to read more about the advice on ‘Energy for our common future’ [website in Dutch].