Sustainable Ameland Agreement 2.0


In 2007, the Municipality of Ameland, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V., Eneco Energy Services B.V. and GasTerra B.V. signed the Sustainable Ameland Agreement. A number of projects have been completed within the scope of this agreement, such as: green light, hydrogen production and injection into natural gas, gas heat pumps, buses running on natural gas, mini CHP and electricity-generating condensing boilers.

Six years later and this collaborative partnership is set to continue with the signing of the Sustainable Ameland Agreement 2.0. This time Philips Nederland B.V.has joined the other parties in signing the agreement. In signing this agreement the parties are expressing their intention to continue to work together and experiment with sustainable energy innovation on the island of Ameland. For more information, visit the website.