People are not tackling the energy transition process quickly enough


The Dutch are aware that the energy transition, the switch towards a sustainable energy supply, is important. No less than 69% of them believe that we must use sustainable energy sources to combat climate change. Others feel, however, that none of this will be as bad as it seems. Energy transition is deemed to be far off in the future by 86% of the Dutch population; only 9% think that there will not be enough energy by 2030. This is shown by research carried out by Blauw Research on behalf of GasTerra and Quintel Intelligence.

Incorrect estimates for amounts of clean energy
The Dutch overestimate the proportions for wind (11%) and sun (10%) within total energy production in the Netherlands. In fact, neither sustainable source contributes even 1%. On the other hand, there are substantial underestimates of the amounts contributed by natural gas (25% compared to an actual 42%) and petroleum (18% compared to an actual 39%). There are clear preferences for solar energy (49%) and wind energy (27%).

Ignorance of European energy objectives
The research also shows that the Dutch are intrinsically unaware of European objectives. Only 6% were aware of the objective that European CO₂ emissions must be reduced by 80-95% by 2050. People also believe that these objectives will not have any consequences for them. For example, 81% of the Dutch population believe that they will barely be affected by the objective that all new-build houses must be energy-neutral by 2020.

Read the 6 main misconceptions here (Dutch only).

Download the results of the study here (Dutch only).