Bio Rights and GasTerra sign the biggest Dutch green gas agreement


Press release

Groningen - January 11, 2014

Yesterday at Energy Valley’s New Year reception Bio Rights and GasTerra signed an agreement for the production and supply of green gas.  The production of green gas comprises an annual volume of at least 23 million m3, with which over 15,000 households can be supplied with gas. This is the largest green gas project in the Netherlands.

Bio Rights is planning to build a very innovative biofuel plant in Hardenberg. Here, biomass waste will be converted into second-generation biofuels such as biogas and bioethanol. The biogas will be reprocessed to the correct gas quality and fed into the Gasunie gas network. The bioethanol can then be blended with petrol. Finally the CO2 that is released will be captured and reused in the process or sold to, for example, the horticulture industry. With this, this project makes the greatest possible contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

GasTerra attaches great importance to the sustainability of energy supply. This agreement will enable GasTerra to meet the objectives of the green deal that the government and the parties in the market have concluded in the area of green gas. In this framework, in the years ahead GasTerra aims to provide for the entire volume of green gas that can be fed into the national network operator’s network.


About Bio Rights

Bio Rights is an innovative eco-technology company set up to develop technologies that can convert waste into green products. These technologies are commercialised by issuing technology licences to producers. At the present time the Bio Rights system is the only system that with a new biorefining technology can convert cellulose waste into green products on an industrial basis, at cost prices that can compete with those of fossil fuels.

With this, Bio Rights holds the key for meeting the growing need for 2nd generation fuels.

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