Annual CIEP NOGEPA Gas Day


On Thursday September 8, the annual Gas Day took place in Castle Wittenburg in Wassenaar. The event was jointly organised by the think tank CIEP and the association of gas producers NOGEPA. Chairwoman of the day Maria van der Hoeven guided the approximately 300 participants through a morning focusing on a European perspective to the afternoon with the emphasis on the Dutch gas sector and gas market.

The Russian energy expert Tatiana Mitrova, head of Oil & Gas of the Energy Research Institute in Moscow and affiliated to Oxford University, presented the Russian vision of the European energy sector. She argued that the European Union will remain largely dependent on Russia for its gas supply over the coming decades, because of the income and available capacity. Attempts by policy makers in Brussels to change this are, according to her, wasted effort. Anne Braaksma of GasTerra presented a study carried out in the context of the Brussels gas association Eurogas, showing that the demand for natural gas in Europe will remain as high as before over the next few years, and that in the long run, gas will also be able to remain relevant if it goes green (deployment of various forms of sustainably produced gas). A special feature of this study was that it was carried out with the same model also used by the European Commission for its projections. This makes communication about and cooperation with the European Commission easier. The gas sector is able to share its vision, it can give justifiable reasons to question policy assumptions and can discover new possibilities, such as green gas, as mentioned above.


                                                           Flip van Koten (Strategic director GasTerra)

In the afternoon, Flip van Koten, strategic director of GasTerra, pointed out the opportunities for the Dutch energy sector. A recent study by consultancy firm Berenschot shows that there are innovative options to increase the potential of green gas. CCS remains a technology which is both necessary and also more affordable. Both aspects are of interest for the sector, to ensure that gas continues to play a significant role in a CO2-poor future.

What has become clear is that this edition showed a clear shift compared to previous years: The gas sector is under pressure, however, collaborations with parties outside the sector offer new opportunities.


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