‘A word from Ameland’


Double-green lighting on Ameland

The new low-infra-red LED lighting on Ameland is experienced as a green light by people. Useful for birds and pleasant for people. And very energy efficient, says Hans Overdiep in his ‘A word from Ameland’.

The history of the new lighting goes back ten years. On and near Ameland, the NAM has a number of production platforms for the extraction of natural gas. The lighting of those platforms appeared to have an effect on bird migration. After extensive research, the NAM concluded that low-infra-red lighting could prevent the birds from getting distracted. People experience this as green light. In the start-up phase, Philips made the lamps by hand, which meant they were very expensive. The LED lighting also proved very suitable as "green" lighting.

Not just birds, but people also experienced the green light as very pleasant, as was shown by a test at the beach entrances. It helps people to see their surroundings clearly and the green lighting is a lot less distracting than the original street lamps. The area is now again experienced as proper countryside. The lamps are approximately 85 percent more energy-efficient than standard light bulbs. Moreover, they are intelligent. The default setting is low lighting. As soon as they sense any movement, they become brighter. The speed at which this happens depends on the speed of the approaching person or car.

The test was successful and a decision has now been taken to roll out the system. From this Spring, sustainable LED lighting will be introduced in the villages. Energy-efficient green lighting will be installed outside the built-up areas on Ameland. This initiative of Duurzaam Ameland is a first in the Netherlands. For Philips, the island is a great showcase, where people can experience this type of lighting. And Ameland once again shows that it has truly earned its image as a green island. It is great that GasTerra was able to make a financial contribution!’

Duurzaam Ameland is a collaboration between the municipality of Ameland, Eneco, GasTerra, NAM and Phillips. The parties together develop sustainable energy innovations, which are tested on Ameland. 
Hans Overdiep, energy transition manager at GasTerra, has been involved in Duurzaam Ameland from the start. He actually moved to Ameland for the project. This means that he is really ‘on top’ of the energy transition project on the island.