15th Sustainable Tuesday


Once again, for the fifteenth time, Sustainable Tuesday will be collecting all kinds of ideas on sustainability from the public. The Sustainable Tuesday briefcase, full of initiatives from individuals and companies, young and old, will be presented to the government on 3 September. From now until 28 June, initiatives can be submitted via the

Sustainable Tuesday collects innovative ideas from the community that could contribute to making the Netherlands more sustainable. Sustainable Tuesday has achieved a great deal over the past 15 years and supported many initiatives. With its partners, including GasTerra, Sustainable Tuesday ensures that these initiatives gain political and public support in order to expedite their development and bring them a step closer to fruition.

A festive meeting will be held in the Binnenhof in The Hague on 3 September. Prime movers and politicians will come together on this occasion and the Sustainable Tuesday briefcase chock full of ideas will be presented to the government.  A number of citizens will also be presented with sustainability medals.

For more information visit the website.