Your Future Energy

The University of Groningen and GasTerra have joined forces and developed ‘Your Future Energy’: an educational programme in which secondary school students carry out experiments in a ‘mobile classroom’, known as ‘Your Future Energy truck’.

The truck is an inspiring, travelling arena in which students are challenged to participate in thinking up usable solutions for the energy of the future. GasTerra has sponsored the truck for the last three years. Thanks to two new partners, Gasunie and the University of Groningen schools’ academy, the mobile educational and practical facility for energy-related issues has been guaranteed to run for another two years.

The educational programme contains themes which tie in closely with such subjects as biology, physics and chemistry, IT, artificial intelligence and mathematics. Tasks include, for example, making a solar cell, building an efficient wind turbine or calculating future energy requirements and the best forms of energy for meeting them.

Future energy scenarios require long-term commitment and it is today’s students who will put these ideas into practice. The average student knows relatively little about energy and so this is an important reason to continue our mission. 

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