We are facing considerable challenges in ensuring that we provide future generations with sufficient, sustainably generated and affordable energy. For that reason, it is important to share the knowledge we have acquired; GasTerra supports and participates in educational projects ranging from primary school to university level.

We have developed the learning module ‘Energieke basisscholen’  (‘energetic primary schools’) together with the Dutch institute for nature education and sustainability (IVN). The module is a fun way to teach children about sustainable energy and the required energy transition.

Students from pre-vocational secondary schools compete against each other on a range of energy-related motions during the debating contest in the Groninger Forum. Which school will put up the best, strongest debaters? Different classes battle it out against each other in an exciting show. Who knows, your student may be in the final at the end of the afternoon, taking the trophy back for your school!

The Your Future Energy truck is a travelling laboratory and inspiring teaching arena in which secondary school students receive lessons on energy. Key themes here are making the energy supply more sustainable, the energy transition and the role which can be fulfilled by (natural) gas in all this. The Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen and GasTerra are challenging young people to reflect on the future energy supply.

This is making us think about tomorrow’s energy supply together!

Please contact Areke van der Sluis ( for more information about any of these projects.