Using energy more sustainably

Using energy more sustainably

If you would prefer more sustainable options, then green gas is possibly a good solution. Green gas (biogas with the same grade and combustion properties as natural gas) is a rapidly growing form of sustainable energy, which you can use to 'green' your whole production process, or parts of it, very easily.

Using green gas

Green gas is the connecting link between the unique intricate natural gas network in the Netherlands and an energy supply now featuring increasing amounts of renewable energy sources. The production of green gas enables us to make a proportion of the traditional gas supply more sustainable and to buffer sustainable energy in the gas network. Green gas therefore represents an attractive element within the energy transition and its importance will increase rapidly. GasTerra plays a major, active role in the development of the green gas market and offers attractive sales terms.

If you're thinking of making your production process more sustainable, please get in touch. The scope of our portfolio means that we're in a position to match supply and demand for green gas.

Producing green gas

Do you produce green gas (or intend to in the future) and are you looking for a reliable buyer for your gas? GasTerra offers excellent purchasing terms for your sustainable green gas production. As we have already been active for many years in the green gas market as a driving force behind technological developments, as an intermediary responsible for connecting the various parties concerned and as a green gas trader, we are very familiar with this market. We are therefore happy to share our knowledge in this area. If you have any questions relating to this market, would be interested to find out more about the part we play or would like to receive an offer for your current or future green gas production, please contact your account manager or our customer services.

Environmental Plan for Industry (EPI)

Would you like to minimise energy costs, reduce emissions or make your production process sustainable in some other way? Then we're happy to help you get started: through our Environmental Plan for Industry (EPI) we support industrial clients in solving energy-related issues free of charge with a tailored package of services. You're probably familiar with EPI mainly from its investigations into energy efficiency in order to achieve more profit from your company, but we can do more for you.

For example, would you be interested to know where you stand as an organisation? By examining the performances of various different reference organisations in the energy sector and comparing (benchmarking) these against your own performance, you can see how you've scored and how you can still improve. We're also happy to support you with CSR reports, to give you support and recommendations on legislation and regulations and we can help you to develop short-term and long-term emissions reduction scenarios.

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If we've sparked your interest in our EPI, please contact your account manager or our customer services via