Screen-trading products with delivery at the virtual trading point

GasTerra offers block products that can be contracted through screen trading with delivery at a virtual trading point. This trading is carried out via brokers (OTC deals) or trading platforms such as ICE Endex. GasTerra trades in various products in this way, both on the prompt (delivery within the month) and on the curve (delivery one month and more ahead). These vary from within-day products to calendar-year products for the coming years.

We can offer this variety of screen-trading products via a number of different virtual trading points in Europe.

Block products with delivery at the virtual trading point

If you're not in a position to contract screen-trading products from GasTerra, we can offer you block products. This involves the option of entering into a framework contract in which supply volumes are not pre-determined. You can then, during the term of the contract, contract negotiable screen-trading products as block products via GasTerra's customer portal. This gives you access to trading at the virtual trading point twice a day via GasTerra.


In addition to block products, GasTerra also offers an opportunity to contract products with a customised profile. This profiling can be set up on an hourly, daily or monthly basis entirely according to your own preferences. It is also possible to contract EDSN's G1 and G2 consumption profiles for the purpose of supplying small-scale consumers.

Flexible products with delivery at the virtual trading point

Different types of flexible products with delivery at the virtual trading point can be contracted from us.

  • Nominated flexibility

    These products involve the customer deciding how much gas will be supplied and when at the virtual trading point and nominating accordingly; this is subject to previously agreed contractual limits.
  • Temperature-related flexibility

    These products involve the final quantity supplied being dependent on the temperature or predicted temperature in order to hedge the temperature-dependent purchase risk of a portfolio with GasTerra.  For example, a product that aligns itself to the temperature dependency of the small-scale consumer market may be chosen; in such cases a standard temperature correction is applied to EDSN's G1 and G2 consumption profiles. It is also possible, where your portfolio contains different temperature dependencies, to contract separate temperature-dependent products with a pre-defined temperature relationship based on a temperature chosen by you (including a temperature reference).

Flexible products with delivery at the TTF-B

We have many years of experience with different forms of TTF-B deliveries. If you wish to contract a flexible supply for a certain purchase category, the purchase being determined by the withdrawal at the connection, we can offer you a tailored product. For more information about the various TTF-B supply options, please contact your account manager or customer services.

Flexible delivery at the connection

If you would like delivery at the connection with or without programme responsibility, we can give you a competitive price for that.

If you're an industrial customer and you opt to source your gas from GasTerra alone rather than multiple suppliers (exclusive contract), then you have complete freedom in terms of volumes at the connection.

If you're an energy company and you want to buy gas from us for your portfolio (or part of your portfolio), then you will have considerable freedom in terms of volumes in relation to the purchase.

You're not obliged to make nominations with GasTerra and you're hardly ever, if at all, tied in to minimum or maximum purchases in either of the above scenarios. You can conclude contracts with different terms and contract years do not need to start on 1 January or end on 31 December. Another option would be to conclude a framework contract without a specific expiry date.

Green gas

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Customised solutions

Many variations and combinations of the products described above are possible, of course. Do you have specific requirements, or do you want to manage your own risks in some areas but would prefer to let GasTerra manage them in others? Do you want to buy your entire gas supply from us or to spread your purchases across several suppliers? If you have any specific requirements, we'd love to advise you on all the options available.


If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or our customer services via