Pricing concepts

Pricing concepts

At GasTerra, it is possible to select various pricing concepts. For delivery of standard products, the rates are agreed through brokers or screen trade. In principle, there are three pricing concepts for structured products.

Gas indexation

At GasTerra, a gas price in line with the market can be contracted, which is then indexed to the gas prices published by parties such as Heren, LEBA or Endex. Clients can opt for indexation based on the day-ahead, month-ahead or quarter-ahead gas prices. In that case, the price of gas is established daily, monthly or quarterly, based on developments in the gas market. The price varies depending on market conditions, seasonal influences and other factors.

GasTerra offers the option to apply damping to this gas price indexation by averaging the gas prices over several months.

Fixed price

Most of our products can be contracted at a fixed price. When clients opt for a fixed price, there is no more insecurity about the price for the quantities contracted.

Oil indexation

Another option is to link the gas price to developments in the oil market. For this option, GasTerra offers an oil-related gas price. These oil price indexations are usually based on the prices of gas oil and fuel oil as published by Platts. It is, however, also possible to opt for indexation to the price of crude oil (Brent), based on the ICE Endex publication.

Damping of the oil price developments in the price of gas can be applied by averaging the oil prices over several months.