GasTerra's large portfolio means that it's in an excellent position to meet the requirements of customers who want flexible gas purchasing options. We have many years of experience in supplying flexibility for your industrial production process, power station, small-scale consumer portfolio or other portfolio.

GasTerra can make an offer for a flexible gas supply based on the scope of the flexibility, the place of delivery and/or the historical use of the flexibility. You can choose from three different types of flexibility and other types are also negotiable.

Nominated flexibility

Every year, GasTerra supplies a considerable quantity of flexibility to customers who are able to decide for themselves, within previously agreed contractual limits, how much gas will be supplied and when on the virtual trading hub.  As the supply will be settled at a previously agreed price (see ‘Pricing concepts for several possible pricing scenarios'), the customer can make optimal use of the supply (nominate) compared to the market prices valid for the day concerned. In this way, customers can convert the flexibility supplied under the contract into cash on the trading market or use it for their own portfolios.

Process-related flexibility

If you are an industrial customer and you opt to source your gas from GasTerra alone rather than multiple suppliers (exclusive contract), then you have complete freedom in terms of volumes at the connection which gives the best possible support to your production process. 

If you've entered into an exclusive supply contract, you're not obliged to make nominations with GasTerra and you're hardly ever, if at all, tied in to minimum or maximum volumes. You can conclude contracts with different terms and contract years do not need to start on 1 January.

Temperature-dependent flexibility

We offer you the potential for contracting temperature-dependent products; the final quantity supplied of these products depends on the predicted or actual realised temperature on a certain day.  This flexibility option is extremely suitable for hedging your temperature-dependent purchase risk (and/or associated price risk) with GasTerra.

You can choose a product that aligns itself to the temperature dependency of the small-scale consumer market; this involves a standard temperature correction being applied to the G1 and G2 consumption profiles on the basis of actual realised temperature. It's also possible to contract separate temperature-dependent products on the basis of estimated temperature where your portfolio contains different temperature dependencies. Even temperatures recorded by measuring stations abroad can be used for this purpose.


If you would like to know more about these, or other, opportunities within your gas supply contract, please contact your account manager or our customer services via offering@gasterra.nl.