GasTerra is a Groningen-based company that invests in its staff and in social, sports and cultural activities. In doing so, GasTerra primarily focuses on the city and region of Groningen – and for good reason.

The major portion of GasTerra's portfolio consists of Groningen gas and its offices are located in Groningen. In short, although the company is a major player in the European gas market, it remains primarily a Groningen company and wants to contribute to life in the city and larger region.

Sponsorship & donations

GasTerra’s sponsorship program is primarily focused on the city and the region. We sponsor various activities in the fields of sport, culture, education and society. Sponsorship is also a corporate tool for our company, as it helps us attract more attention to GasTerra and the role our company plays, both locally and internationally.

In the coming years, GasTerra will be reorganising, with the aim to continue to maximise the value of Dutch natural gas in the future – anticipating changes in the market. This means that the sponsorship and donation budget will be reduced. However, the number of sponsorship requests we receive, is only increasing. As a result, we have to make choices about which parties we want to support (financially). We also feel it is important to help new initiatives get off the ground, after which it can continue independently or with the support of other partners. For that reason, we have said goodbye to a number of partners in 2015 and are setting up co-operations with others.

Initiatives GasTerra continued to support financially in 2015 were, amongst others, the Walk For Life (raising money for cancer research), GasTerra Ladies Run (Pink Ribbon), various charities such as the Food Bank and Humanitas, combating poverty in Groningen, and the Tschumi Pavilion, a public space showcasing art, visual art, video and architecture projects.


In 2016, GasTerra will sponsor the Walk for Life, a charity run around the Lake of Paterswolde, with proceeds going to the UMCG Cancer Research Fund. GasTerra will also support the GasTerra Ladies Run, an annual run through the heart of Groningen, as well as the Stichting Schaaktopteam Groningen (Chess Team).


GasTerra - then part of Gasunie - has been the main sponsor of the new Groninger Museum since its construction. GasTerra sponsors the museum every year with a fixed donation to fund high-profile exhibitions. GasTerra has also been the main sponsor of the Prince Claus Conservatorium since 2010 and provides funding for scholarships and grants to help talented young musicians make the most of their talents. In the musical arena, the annual jazz festival, Swingin' Groningen, can also rely on GasTerra's support.


GasTerra supports various charities in and around the city of Groningen. In most cases, these involve small sums for local initiatives, e.g. projects aimed at care for the elderly, assistance for the handicapped, improved liveability in older neighbourhoods and activities that raise money for charities such as those fighting cancer. In a few instances, we also support major social projects; in 2015, GasTerra agreed to sponsor the Huis voor de Sport, which provides sports lessons for primary schools in the province of Groningen. We have also partnered up with De Brug, an institution set up by the province of Groningen to organise activities for people with mental disabilities, such as the Special Olympics Groningen.

Special Olympics Groningen
Special Olympics Groningen