Testimonial Forecaster

'We have a wonderful atmosphere created by great colleagues’

Zwanet Mulder, forecaster
Zwanet Mulder, forecaster

Zwanet started at the Customer Services Desk of GasTerra in 2005. In those days, the Customer Services Desk was the commercial back office that supported the Account Managers. Two years later, Zwanet started as a Business Analyst for the ME Department, which sells gas to the energy-distribution companies. From there she moved on to the Pricing Desk, where she was responsible for calculating and issuing various prices to the energy parties with which GasTerra has a contract or is in negotiations. Zwanet worked in that post until early 2013, when she started as Forecaster in the Planning Department, where she determines the short-term sale or purchase room together with the Forecasting Team.

Great culture

GasTerra is a unique organisation with highly committed and involved employees. We have a wonderful atmosphere created by great colleagues. Colleagues are always willing to help each other out and it is easy to talk to everybody; that just creates a really pleasant work environment. GasTerra also offers many opportunities for development and learning new skills.

GasTerra 2018

As a Works Council member I was closely involved with the GasTerra 2018 project. The aim of the GasTerra 2018 project was to set up an efficient organisation based on the newly designed commercial process in order to enable GasTerra to maximise the value of Dutch natural gas in a changing market. The Works Council played an extremely active role in this process and a large part of the advice issued by the Works Council was adopted. Considering the end result I believe it is extremely positive that there will be no redundancies, despite the substantial reduction of the headcount.

The GasTerra 2018 project also got me thinking about my work now and about what I would really like to do. It is always good to challenge yourself and to explore your boundaries, but it is positive that I have started to consider that more specifically.

Work-life balance

My work-life balance is easy to manage, as I invoke my right to parental leave. This means I currently work 30 hours a week, enabling me to spend time at home with my children. GasTerra also offers opportunities to work from home and working hours are flexible. It is wonderful that these opportunities are available, it gives you more freedom and that is essential when you have a young family.