Mission, vision and strategy

GasTerra buys and sells natural gas. For fifty years, GasTerra has been supplying gas to the major Dutch industries. In order to realise a continuous supply, a team of over a hundred employees works hard to organise the sale of natural gas.

In addition, we continuously develop new products and services. From management to customer service, from the billing department to ICT, the GasTerra core values are performance orientation, improvement orientation and customer orientation – and everyone plays a big part in achieving those goals.


GasTerra's mission is to maximise the value of natural gas reserves in the Netherlands. It fulfils a public role with regard to the implementation of the Dutch government's Small Field Policy. This policy is aimed at promoting natural gas production in smaller gas fields in the Netherlands.


GasTerra plays an important role in the utilisation of domestic gas reserves and energy supply in the Netherlands and the European Union by virtue of natural gas' economic value and public importance. GasTerra promotes the safe and efficient use of natural gas and is active in the development of innovative applications. The company pays particular attention to energy supply sustainability and initiates various related projects.

GasTerra endeavours to allow sustainability-related projects to be managed in a responsible fashion, i.e. taking both economic and ecological interests into account. Gas will remain an indispensible source of energy in the energy transition process if we wish to safeguard energy supplies and reduce CO2 emission levels. The Netherlands will continue to be a major producer of natural gas for several decades to come.

A focus on customers, results and improvements are GasTerra's three core values. These are the values that GasTerra's staff adopt as a premise for all their business dealings. GasTerra's operations are based on a code of conduct in which integrity and respect serve as its guiding principles. The company strives to build long-lasting business relationships with the private sector and to enter into agreements that reflect natural gas and its associated services' value. GasTerra is governed by principles coherent with those associated with corporate social responsibility (CSR). The three basic CSR principles – people, planet and profit – have been expressed in terms of the company's own spheres of influence – Gas, Green and Groningen. Where Gas stands for company operating results, Green stands for our mission to bring about socially responsible energy transition and Groningen – our place of business – stands for the community of which we are a part.


The company implements its mission and vision by capitalising on its position on the European market to the fullest extent possible – principally in those market segments where demand exists for natural gas in combination with supplemental services. In doing so, use is made of gas from Dutch natural resources, as well as the flexibility offered by gas usage. Gas from overseas sources is procured if and when this is coherent with the general supply and demand portfolio. As a proponent of a free energy market, GasTerra is continuously developing new products and services. In this respect, it believes that it is very important to be a reliable and competitive gas supplier to its customers. GasTerra aims to strengthen natural gas' position within the overall energy mix.