Book series 'The World of Natural Gas'

There is a great need for information about efficient and more sustainable energy solutions. To meet this need, GasTerra is bringing out a series of books under the general title 'The World of Natural Gas'. Six books have been produced up to now. They are available to order free of charge. Send an email to order one or more books or click below for downloads (Gas driven heat pumps is only available as download).

1. Natural gas as a transitional fuel, for a sustainable energy economy

How can natural gas be used alongside alternative energy carriers and sustainable sources to ensure a stable energy supply in the transitional period? 'Natural gas as a transitional fuel' addresses this question. The book is based on the Gas4Sure report produced by environmental consultants CE Delft.

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2. Combined Heat & Power: a summary and guide

Combined Heat & Power describes CHP or cogeneration in all its facets. Topics covered include the technology, design, economic aspects,  management and maintenance. The book also gives some practical examples and discusses the very latest developments.

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3. Invisible gold, what 50 years of natural gas has meant for the Netherlands

The book 'Invisible gold' is about the influence of gas on the economy,  politics and above all everyday life since the discovery of natural gas in Groningen. The laying of the natural gas pipeline network is dealt with, as are the oil crises, runaway public spending and globalisation. The book also looks to the future: what lies in store for the Netherlands when the gas really does run out?

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4. Gas driven heat pumps, efficient heating and cooling with natural gas

There has been a marked increase in interest in gas heat pumps both in the gas industry and in the market. But what about the technology, performance, applications, market potential, maintenance and costs? 'Gas driven heat pumps' uses nine examples of projects to illustrate the potential of the pumps and how they perform in practice.

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5. Heating in the residential sector

Heating in the residential sector is the fifth book in the serie 'The world of natural gas'. This new publication offers a bird's eye view of new techniques for efficient heating in the residential sector.

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6. Green Gas – the role of green gas in the Dutch energy supply

Green Gas – the role of green gas in the Dutch energy supply forms part of the book series ‘The world of natural gas’, whose central theme is the importance and application of natural gas and the future of our energy supply. 

In the Netherlands we have already gained a lot of practical experience in biomass fermentation and the deployment of green gas. This experience is important for making the right choices when it comes to introducing new gases into our intricate Dutch natural gas network.  Biogas can, even more than is currently the case, become an essential component of the waste processing chain. The method for converting biomass into green gas can bring about substantial ‘greening’ of the gas supply. Together with the use of innovative techniques, such as combined heat-and-power systems and gas-fired heat pumps, such combinations are doubly beneficial with regard to sustainability.

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